LTC2927 Single Power Supply Tracking Controller

Product Details

The LTC2927 provides a simple solution to power supply tracking and sequencing requirements. By selecting a few resistors, the supply can be configured to ramp-up and ramp-down with differing ramp rates, voltage offsets, or time delays relative to other supplies or a master signal.

By forcing current into a feedback node of an independent supply, the LTC2927 causes the output to track a ramp signal without inserting any pass element losses. Because the current is controlled in an open-loop manner, the LTC2927 does not affect the transient response or stability of the supply. The compact solution at point of load minimizes the trace length of the DC/DC circuit sensitive FB node. Furthermore, it presents a high impedance when power-up is complete, effectively removing it from the DC/DC circuit.


  • VCORE and VI/O Supply Tracking
  • Microprocessor, DSP and FPGA Supplies
  • Multiple Supply Systems
  • Point-of-Load Supplies

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible Power Supply Tracking
  • Tracks Both Up and Down
  • Power Supply Sequencing
  • Supply Stability is Not Affected
  • Low Pin Count
  • Controls Single Supply without Series FETs
  • Adjustable Ramp Rate
  • Available in 8-Lead ThinSOT and 8-Lead (3mm × 2mm) DFN Packages